Getting better

I went back to jiu-jitsu class last night, having not gone in over a week or so due to the business trip. I thought I would just get mangled. Well, the second guy up for me, my friend Diego, did pretty much toy with me. He was also helpful and gave me tips on some easily correctible errors I was making. The real cool part of the night though was my first partner, Dave. Now, Dave and I are about as evenly matched as I can find in the classes. This is not to say we are actually evenly matched, it’s just, there’s not that many new people right now. So we rolled first, and for the first time, I pretty much maintained control the entire time. By maintained control, I mean, I either had or was transitioning to the dominant position most the time. It felt great! I was doing so well, he managed to compliment me during practice even, while we were going. Hopefully tonight will be fun as well.

—Oct 18, 2006