Mental Magic

Last night a few co-workers and I hopped over to the Pleasanton Regal theater to catch a flick. We saw “”“>The Illusionist”, which fortunately, turned out to be pretty good. Good, but not great. I say “fortunately” because I managed to confuse the film with “”“>The Prestige”, which though I’m sure vaguely similar in content, is in fact, an entirely different film. I realized this as, during the movie trailers, a promo for the real “Prestige” was shown. So for the next five minutes, I sat in flickering darkness, furiously scanning my brain to try and remember what movie we were indeed seeing. It wasn’t until Edward Nortan’s name came up in the opening credits that I figured it out. It’s a pretty funny experience sitting in the theater thinking “um, what movie am I about to see?”

And hopefully “The Prestige” will be better.

—Oct 16, 2006