Summer of Clipping and Filing

Crista is going to Japan to perform for three months this summer. Besides the obvious, what does this mean to me?

It means, my nails won’t get the love and attention they have grown to love recently. See, Crista has done my nails the past 3-4 times they’ve needed shaping. And boy, did they need it. I will have to make sure and acquire some of her techniques before she leaves. It’s been three days since she last did my nails, and they still feel phenomenal! I am not exaggerating. It has something to do with the way she files under the nails, paying special attention to the corners, after she finishes clipping.

So, not only will I miss my girlfriend this summer, but I will miss the best nails I’ve ever had.

And no, I’m not going to pay to go get a manicure.

—Jun 26, 2006