Games for this Sunday

For those of you attending game night on Sundays, I just wanted to say that our rounds of Monkey Ninja Pirate Robot for the past two weeks have been quite entertaining for me. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as well. For those that missed it, there’s probably only two things to know. First, Daryl and I are in competition with each other in the game (or should I say, were, that’s the second point). Second, Ashley swooped in last time, having never played, and won both rounds.

This Sunday, I eyeing either Marines vs. Zombies or Ship of the Line. Both are independent releases from FJGaming, which is basically one guy in England. I’ve got MvZ assembled already, and Crista and I will likely assemble “Ship” this weekend. I’ve already learned the rules for MvZ, and trust me, it isn’t hard. They fit on one sheet, in fact. So don’t let the “”">46 pages" part throw you off.

Hope to see you there. Or do I mean “here”. Well, you know what I mean.

—Mar 30, 2006