Movie & Game Sundays

Crista and I have decided to try and put together movie & game night for Friday Thursday or Sunday nights. I love hanging out with friends, but have been spending so much on restaurants and movies lately, I thought it would be nice to lower the costs. Here’s the plan as it stands.

We’ll be watching old movies, either classics or b-movie horror stuff. The idea is to keep it light and silly. First up is the 7th Voyage of Sinbad. The special creature fx were done by Ray Harryhausen, who was one of a kind. He was really a pioneer of stop-motion model effects. Most of you have probably seen his work in Clash of the Titans. It’s not great by any modern standards, but he was the forerunner to the modern greats. I think some of the original Lucas model work wouldn’t have come about were it not for him.

Games after. We can split up for board and/or gamecube games. Mario Strikers is a current 4-player favorite. Trust me, even if you don’t like video games that much, you’ll love this.

I’m thinking we can order pizza for the first one. Chip in, and bring some beer if you like. Comment if you’re interested in coming this Friday Thursday or Sunday.

Update: Though I’m planning for Fridays, I can probably be compelled for any night Thursday through Sunday. I know lots of my friends play music on the weekend.

Update: Since Daryl is somebody I’d like there, this will occur either Sunday or Thursday nights. Place votes.

Update: Looks like Sundays it is! Thanks for the feedback. I will post a time and details for this Sunday. I expect we can start around 6 or 7.

—Feb 27, 2006