My weekend was good, despite not feeling all that hot. I almost exclusively hung out with Crista, which was great. Unfortunately, my throat has been feeling poorly, though it’s a little better now. I was also dead tired. I think I fell asleep for two hours Saturday night. Sunday, I just slept around the house all day. Due to the excessive tiredness, we didn’t get to go to Disneyland or church as planned.

In the positive news, Crista and/or I did get to:

  • Watch Open Range and A Very Long Engagement. Both very good films.

  • Crista bellydanced at Caspian Saturday night, and I got to watch. It was very cool. I think my favorite part was when she went out for tips and got to give a two minute lesson in dancing to a group of elementary school age girls.

  • We started a game of Universalis. It’s fun but so so hard. I think my creative-bone is broken. Anyway, the story tenets are that it’s a detective story set in modern day New York, and the homeless are disappearing, possibly as the result of some conspiracy.

  • I managed to browse Barnes & Noble twice. Once alone and last night with Crista. I love bookstores. I picked up some manga for Crista, as she’s always wanted to read one. Uh, I think I picked a weird one. I also got “”">The Picture of Dorian Gray" and Stephenson’s “”">Quicksilver" for myself.

—Feb 27, 2006