What's going on

I figured I’d just bullet point random happenings for the past couple weeks.

  • I successfully flew to and from Oklahoma City and experience nothing remotely like a panic attack. A few nerves, sure, but nothing bad.
  • I’ve gone to St. Matthew’s Anglican Catholic Church a couple more times. They have an inquirer’s group running now. I’m not attending but going through the material from the classes.
  • Crista and I started playing a game of Breaking the Ice. We’re 1/3 done. Fun, hard, fresh, and creative so far. I’ll probably do a write-up if I can remember everything.
  • I’m still looking into starting a game club.
  • I’m going to have to seriously tweak my blog frontpage, as the MySQL slowness is killing it.
  • I got geekdome + 1 by running my very first game ever. It was a session of Savage Worlds played online, and it was lots of fun.

—Jan 27, 2006