Of Fears, Phobias, and Wings

So Friday, I’m flying for the first time. The first time since 1993.

Why have I not flown in so long? Simple, I let it terrify me.

I can’t live with such limitations for life. How many fun opportunities have I passed up before because of this fear? I’ve lost count. But now, one of Crista’s best friends is getting married in Oklahoma City this Saturday. I certainly don’t want to ditch out on that.

So I had my first travelocity experience. Car, planes, hotel, all supposedly lined up. I don’t worry about any of that. Just about being in the air. I think I can handle it this time. I’m older, and in far better control of my emotions.

Plus, I bought a PSP to distract myself.

Fingers crossed.

—Jan 09, 2006