Sleep Diving

OK, so this morning I had a really bizarre dream. I can’t remember all the details, but at the end, somebody tricked me and led me into this dirt area that was filled with land mines. So for what seemed like hours in the dream, I sat there on a supposedly primed set of landmines, afraid to move. Then I noticed that other people were walking through the supposed mine field and even over triggers without errors. So, I decided I was going to quickly dive in a direction and make it behind a nearby wall. I felt such trepidation, in the dream, I mean.

Now, all dream symbolism aside, which I’m sure is really cool, but, here is the really REALLY cool part. I have never done something like this before. So, in my dream, I dive out of the way. Well, in real life, I wake up rolling on the floor, banging into my guitar case and part of the wall. That’s right, I actually dove off my bed and rolled onto the ground. It’s a wonder I didn’t hurt myself. But I sure was startled.

So ya, um, that was really weird.

—Jan 02, 2006