Ads that suck

The Wal-Mart ad featuring Destiny’s Child is currently near the top of my imaginary “Ads that suck” list.

There are three serious offenses against this ad:

  1. The “music” makes me long for the sound of nails on a chalkboard.
  2. It’s always on the super-annoying-I-paid-so-you-can-advertise-to-me-more Twenty crap at Regal Cinema outlets. Ohhh….entertainment ignited! No, but the audience is.
  3. The messaging at the end of the ad is particularly suggestive. Yes, I know, tricky advertising. But in case you didn’t catch how this ad works, here goes. At the end of the ad the lyrics finish on “So just give more” and they flash the slogan “Hook up your home for the Holidays” with the Wal-mart logo up. That’s some pretty good programming you got there.

—Dec 19, 2005