If you elect me President...

…I’ll put coke in all the drinking fountains!

OK, but seriously, I do want to start something with about the political clout of a Jr. High school government. A game club! That’s right, I’m looking for 3 friends willing to hang out once weekly to game. Right now, I’m thinking that a weeknight would be fun. I haven’t set hard and fast yet what games I’d like to play, but let’s put it this way, it’s not going to be Battleship or Sorry. I’m thinking more along the lines of collectible card games (CCGs, think Magic, but, not Magic) or tabletop war games. I’d really like to play some storytelling and indie or lesser known RPG games. My apartment can comfortably house myself and 3 guests, so, anybody local interested?

If I get desperate I might offer it Wednesday and we could merge it in with watching “Lost”. Did I mention I have HDTV?

—Dec 13, 2005