On moving and interior decorating

So, my mom voted (out of band) that I write about interior decorating first. So that breaks the exciting tie.

In case it was missed, I moved a few weeks back. I was living in a rather spacious, yet somewhat old, 3 bedroom house with 2 other roommates. It was very comfortable, due to the space and full car garage. Yet, I decided it was time to move on to a new experience.

I packed up and moved a whole 3 blocks south to a 1 bedroom, 741 square foot apartment. I was really worried I’d feel claustrophobic in there. In fact, quite the opposite, it feels more airy and comfortable than my older, much larger, haunt. Part of the difference is due to large, well placed windows creating a very open feel to the living and dining spaces. The kitchen is also barely separated from the living room, so it makes for 1 large room. In case you got the idea that the kitchen was tiny and sucked though, that’s far from the truth. It’s probably the most beautiful kitchen (yes, even compared to our place in westpark, if you saw it) one I’ve lived with. The granite marble countertops are the nicest effect, I think.

This was also my first real attempt at a decent furniture layout. I will admit, I am still an Ikea boy. I don’t want to spend yet on the more beautiful heavy, hardwood furniture from quality establishments, so it’s most still assembled stuff. I did manage to pick up an antique chinese stool from my grandparents, and some asian art prints. The room ends up having a kind of contemporary asian flair, I’d say. Mostly reds, grays, blacks, and whites. It’s the first time I’ve laid out a room, walked into it and though, “this is perfect”. I’ll put up some pics soon, as my descriptive abilities are pretty low right now.

—Nov 28, 2005