Weekend wrap-up

Here’s a quick rundown of my weekend.

Friday night
Oops, it’s a blur to me. I remember watching half of The Sword of Doom. The direction is awesome, I want to finish it today. I remember thinking while watching the film, “It’s weird, Kurosawa sure has a different technique in this film”. Oops again, he didn’t direct it. I’ve got to remember to tell my brother to watch it. I think he’d appreciate the direction. Oh hey, just remembered, I think I had dinner with my parents and grandmother who is in town. Not sure if that was Thursday or Friday.

Saturday day
Went with Crista, my brother, parents, and grandparents to see my brother’s gallery show at Bergamot Station. Had a great lunch with the family, came home, and rested.

Saturday night
Made a (hopefully) final run by Ikea, then entertained my parents and grandmother at my place for an hour or so. Watched The Big Sleep with Crista that night, and slept through some of it myself. Bogart wasn’t for me, I suppose.

Sunday morning
Went to Starbucks with Crista. We had a great time playing BRAWL: Catfight from Cheapass Games (had a great time playing it a lot this weekend, in fact). Crista has bested me in total rankings so far. I enjoyed our games because some ran to the very end, I’d be up with about 5 cards left, and bam, just get wasted. Then we ran through Kohl’s looking for a fedora like hat, to no avail.

Sunday afternoon
Crista had a show, and I wanted to chill, so I played a session of Call of Cthulhu online for a few hours. Had a great time. Unfortunately didn’t get my remaining items moved from the old place, so I’ll need to complete that this week.

Sunday night
Crista and I watched Coach Carter. It was a well-intentioned and somewhat entertaining film, but, the cliches, predictability, and over acting kept it from being very good. On a less critical note, one could probably make a drinking game out of this movie. It would involve shots everytime one of the non-speaking basketball teammates appears onscreen.

—Nov 14, 2005