Weekend wrap-up

A description of my past weekend. It’s all a big blur to me. I’m starting this list from Thursday night, since I took Friday off from work. I’m also posting the list late because my week got off to an odd start; I stayed home from work Monday and Tuesday this week.

Thursday Night
Crista and I went out on our anniversary date. It was a blast! She did a write-up already, so I’ll just refer you to it.

Friday Afternoon
Went to Knott’s Berry Farm to see Crista dance. It was so amazingly hot. I didn’t get the chance to go on many rides, for two reasons. First, I hate roller coasters, so that limits my choice. But also, I was trying to see all her shows as well as hang out with her, so I didn’t want to spend too much time in line. It was fun, but really, really hot! I think I already said that. Speaking of hot, I’m hoping they’ll let her buy some of her costumes when she is done with the gig. She’s quite attractive in them. OK, I’ll stop.

Friday Night
Went to see Brian Regan at the Improv at the Irvine Spectrum. He was really funny. We stood in line for what seemed to be forever, but managed to talk our way out of any real boredom. I think they let us in too late too, they didn’t enforce their two item per person minimum, which, was definitely in our favor. His routine had almost all new material as well, I figured my brother would be jealous. Brian has been using the same routine for a while, and while it’s good, it’s not as fun once you’ve seen it a few times. The only jokes I recognized were from his pop-tarts bit.

Saturday Morning
Flew (rather, tried to) my RC plane at the local middle school. It was a fun time. I have got a better hang of not crashing it hard every time, and I didn’t break anything on this outing. I had a couple picture perfect landings even. Navigating while it’s in the air is still really rough going though. The other problem was the heat. I drank a large bottle of water, but still got so dehydrated and sick from the sun I thought I was going to pass out.

Saturday Afternoon
Mostly spent time reading.

Saturday Night
Setup my fishbowl for Maestro. Crista came over later and we watched Anchors Aweigh starring Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra. It was entertaining, but I liked On The Town much more. I thought the latter featured better and more exciting dance routines.

I think I stayed inside the whole day to read, and do nothing else. It’s all a blur. I felt really fatigued most the day.

—Aug 31, 2005