I got water up my nose

In the summer I tend to have sinus problems, especially when I wake up in the morning. It’s never unbearable for me, but I figured it’s time I try something less drastic than constant decongestants to help.

My mom always recommends saline spray up the nose. They sell it over the counter at most pharmacies and doctors recommend it.

I decided, however, to take it a step further, and completely flush my nose with saline. You think it would be traumatic, but it’s not. I use a neti pot to do it. The solution is saline to not irritate your membranes, and is poured in one nostril and flows out the other. I never would have thought of it.

See the enticing demo video here. It will gross you out, I’m quite sure. I’ll have to see if the effects are good, I’m mostly worried if it causes any condition like swimmers ear with my eustachian tubes.

My sinuses do feel better though, and I’ve only used it twice.

—Aug 26, 2005