100 things from the past year: the anniversary edition

Today is Crista and my one year dating anniversary. In honor of the occasion, I have created my third 100 things list. It contains 100 things that I have done over the past year that I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise. So without further ado, look inside for the list!

  1. Burned incense in my room

  2. Eaten fondue on my balcony

  3. Practiced a little tango to an instructional dvd

  4. Visited a dinner theater

  5. Watched a play at South Coast Rep

  6. Visited the Pageant of the Masters (go Cate!)

  7. Visited Laguna Beach

  8. Stayed up late talking and eating at Denny’s

  9. Drank a pina colada

  10. Danced with a woman in a parking lot

  11. Skipped in public

  12. Delivered fake “sushi pizza”

  13. Put plants on my balcony

  14. Eaten 5 fruit and vegetable servings in one day

  15. Visited Dana Point harbor

  16. Made a bonfire at Huntington beach and roasted marshmallows.

  17. Sent/received over 300 txt messages in 30 days

  18. Taken lots more pictures

  19. Visited San Diego Wild Animal Park

  20. Kissed in front of other people

  21. Kissed in front of my parents!

  22. Visited a therapist

  23. Visited a psychiatrist

  24. Watched a theater rehersal

  25. Visited Inglewood

  26. Visited different churches

  27. Learned to better cope around drunk people

  28. Ate lamb out at a restaurant

  29. Made fortune cookies

  30. Ate at Pei Wai

  31. Discovered the Quail Hills shopping center

  32. Ate at a Thai restaurant

  33. Watched a dance class

  34. Visited Disneyland

  35. Hiked at Peter’s Canyon with a friend

  36. Watched fireworks at Irvine High on July 4

  37. Walked the track at Northwood Park

  38. Drank a green tea frapachino

  39. Saw the Daryl Smith Band play, many times

  40. Played with the Daryl Smith Band

  41. Bought a new electric guitar

  42. Bought a photo printer

  43. Watched radically less television

  44. Went to a beach bbq with mostly strangers

  45. Played frisbee on the beach

  46. Visited a Jazz lounge

  47. Visited a seedy karoke bar

  48. Visited a seedy plain old bar (for about 30 seconds)

  49. Ate real sushi

  50. Read Shel Silverstein outloud

  51. Had breakfast at the beach

  52. Danced in my kitchen

  53. Bought groceries more frequently

  54. Listened to the latin jazz station on XM radio

  55. Listened to the broadway musical station on XM radio

  56. Switched from cologne to axe (usually, not always)

  57. Learned about cognative behavioral therapy

  58. Talked non-stop with Chris on AIM

  59. Went to a memorial day bbq at Justin’s house

  60. Saw Kenny’s house and new son

  61. Played poker

  62. Lost horribly at poker

  63. Visited a doctor

  64. Got a massive eye infection (ok, not an improvement, but memorable)

  65. Got an iPod

  66. Switched to Mac

  67. Went bowling

  68. Played miniature golf

  69. Played DDR

  70. Played DDR in public!

  71. Played DDR at a friends house, in front of strangers!

  72. Visited Downtown Disney

  73. Watched fireworks in a month other than July

  74. Gave driving directions to a stranger on the phone

  75. Drank lots of martenilli’s sparkling apple cider

  76. Celebrated Thanksgiving twice in one day

  77. Watched “Dirty Dancing Havanna Nights” (so bad it’s good?)

  78. Watched “Newlyweds” with Crista

  79. Danced on the bridge at South Coast Plaza

  80. Learned to appreciate Gene Kelly

  81. Flown a spongebob kite in a park

  82. Flown a kite at the beach

  83. Bought a yoga mat

  84. Learned to cope with three cats at once

  85. Browsed a pet store with a woman

  86. Purchased an RC plane

  87. Bought exactly one copy of the “Weekly World News”

  88. Drove my girlfriend’s mom to the airport

  89. Ate yams with salt on them

  90. Hummed a whole lot at work

  91. Gone to a BBQ at Cate and Kaisara’s house

  92. Bought candles shaped like candy corns

  93. Played beach volleyball (and beach volleyball not at the beach!)

  94. Visited a craft store multiple times

  95. Visited Knott’s Berry Farm (well, technically I am doing that tomorrow)

  96. Spent time in an apartment with more women than men

  97. Carved pumpkins

  98. Had the opportunity to go to a wedding and didn’t even consider bailing

  99. Developed the habit of grocery shopping more than once a month

  100. Fallen in love

—Aug 25, 2005