Weekend wrap-up

So here’s the rundown of my weekend. Like many, I consider the weekend to start when I leave work on Friday.

Friday Night
Went to see Crista’s show at the dinner theater, and got to take my brother along. Afterwards, she and I went to the Newport 17 Jazz Lounge off Newport and Irvine Blvd. in Tustin. They have a jazz trio that plays Friday and Saturday nights that is quite talented. It’s a fun relaxing hangout, not seedy at all. Crista didn’t want to feel like she was mooching so she ordered a coffee, but, they didn’t charge her for it. So, we had an hour and a half of a relaxing date in great atmosphere, with good conversation, and it only cost us gas money. My favorite way to spend time.

Saturday morning Crista and I had a breakfast of coffee (decaf only for me!) and cinnamon rolls at Ikea. Then we browsed around the store. Crista picked up some prints and I had some random stuff – some batteries, a little plant stand, and a 4 piece asian theme tea and soup set. The register I was at locked up right before my purchase, so I just walked out with nothing. Maybe I will go back later to pick out the goods again. Then I went home to read and practice my shakuhachi for the middle of the day.

Saturday night I tried out a new challenge. I’ve picked up a new hobby by making a foray into RC Planes. It was a bit windy and got dark faster than I had expected, so I only got two brief flights in. I flipped the plane on landing slightly the first time, with no damage. The second time, I flipped the plane over trying to regain control and it crashed down hard. That time, with no visible damage either! I was surprised. The plane seems quite durable so far.

Sunday morning Crista and I went to a 9AM service at Rock Harbor. I don’t even make it into work by 9AM, so it was a challenge. I surprised Crista by being on time, so she wasn’t able to have her morning coffee. If you know me, you know that “on time” is something I suck at, but am trying to improve. We met up with Daryl, and we all seemed to enjoy the service. Even though, that’s way more people than I would prefer to be around or feel comfortable with. Afterwards we had brunch at Champagne’s in South Coast plaza. The menu said they serve breakfast until noon on weekends, but they claimed they only served until 11. So we ate lunch food instead of breakfast. Then they managed to serve breakfast to people that ordered after us. Oh well, the food was still good, and I made a better than usual attempt at being assertive with them about their so-called breakfast policy. Maybe they just got confused.

Sunday night Crista and I hung out at her apartment. We briefly stopped by the Jacuzzi and then watched The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. I find other Wes Anderson films at least amusing in general, but felt this was a let down. I was wishing it was over about 30 minutes earlier. Well actually, I was wishing it was earlier 2 hours earlier. At best there were some mildly amusing parts but overall I thought it was a total misfire. Maybe my sense of humor has evolved too, and I wouldn’t find his older films that entertaining either.

—Aug 08, 2005