My memorial day weekend project

I’ve decided one productive thing to spend some time on this weekend. It will fit in quite nicely with my desire to try and develop a bit of a green thumb, too!

Off the front of my room at home there’s a balcony. It’s quite sizable. I’ve relegated it to this point to a few sittings, as well as a holding area for my fan during the summer. Well, I have the urge to change all that. Sunday morning, I’m whisking Crista off to Ikea to go shopping for some summer deco and furniture. Yes, I can whisk her to Ikea, it’s practically a foreign county. In order are some hanging and other assorted pots, tea light lanterns, shades, deck rugs, and a tiny bistro breakfast set of table and chairs. Perhaps I’ll pick up a lounge at Target, too. My goal is to turn the balcony into a retreat I can actually spend time in to read this summer.

So keep an eye out, if I succeed I’ll post some before and after pictures.

—May 27, 2005