eMusic Soundscapes

So a few months ago I used eMusic for a couple months. I’ve always thought they had an interesting service. The main problem of course is their selection isn’t the greatest.

Lately I’ve been using my iPod in conjunction with some hour long natural sound tracks (I like raindrops) from the iTMS. They really help me relax and lessen my anxiety. Here’s the deal though. On the iTunes Music Store, any track longer than 10 minutes is only available if you buy the album. Since these tracks are about one hour, it’s one track per album. So that’s about $8-$10 a track. That’s a pretty penny.

I just found that eMusic has 16 such tracks. I also just found an email in my inbox that says I can rejoin for a month for free. eMusic counts 1 track as 1 download. So let’s do the math. 16 tracks x $9 per track average = $144 on iTMS. Or, with my free 30 day trial on eMusic, it’s uhh, free. That’s a deal.

—May 16, 2005