What kind of water is that?

As detailed earlier, I decided tonight to purposely do something mildly uncomfortable in a fast food joint. Well, I didn’t make it to Taco Bell, however, I did stop by Carl’s Jr. Why? Well, for starters, my parents hate Carl’s. Somehow I can stomach it, but I figured since my mom reads this, it would be mildly discomforting to divulge that I ate food that would make her instantly ill.

I wanted very badly to ask if they had any tofu on the menu. Very badly, no joke. But it felt like a bit much. I did however notice they had Dannon (yes, the name is on the menu) bottled water. So, I specifically asked what kind of water they sold, and could I please see it. He seemed a little perplexed when I told him I just wanted to see it, not buy any. He proceeded to treat me a bit, shall we say, special through the rest of the transaction.

All in all, it was funny, yet, strangely satisfying. Yes, I can be freakish.

I’ve already decided on a future exercise, too. This will be a bit rougher. I’m going to pick up a somewhat troubling assortment of supplies at the local Albertsons. I’m thinking of the following items: some women’s razors, a can of whipping cream, 1 cucumber, 1 banana, and some type of facial cosmetic. Yes this seems perverse. No, I have no actual perverse intentions in mind.

—Apr 27, 2005