I need a new hobby

I thought, perhaps I could throw this one out to my few readers for advice. The thing is, I need a new hobby or activity to pursue. Maybe two. I’ve drastically cut my TV intake over the past 8 months, which was a goal of mine. Here’s a tip: if you want to watch less TV, pay more attention to or find a significant other, and, read more.

I have been managing to read more. It’s quite enjoyable, but I have the sense, it’s not enough. Whatever “enough” is. Perhaps it is that I’m not as physically active as I used to be. Some of my past hobbies have been extremely physical, and unfortunately, very addictive as well. I went from working out, which merged into me doing lots of brazillian jiujitsu, then later mountain biking, then later, paintball. Paintball was by far, the most addictive and fun (I practiced 8 days a month), followed by jiujitsu (I used to train about 5 days a week). Now, I don’t really do anything like this. As a result, I feel this itch, I gotta go do something. I love the thought of paintball, but, I don’t know if I can spend that kind of money again on a game. My back probably can’t take jiujitsu. So, what shall it be, something new perhaps?

So here is your chance to provide ideas. Maybe you’ll come up with new things that might interest me. The only rules are, the pursuit cannot involve using a computer or musical instrument. It is probably better it be something physical and away from home, as opposed to in my backyard or indoors.

—Apr 27, 2005