After enjoying OSX on a Mac Mini, but realizing it was too slow to work as my main workstation, I upgraded to a 20" iMac. I looked at dual processor towers, but felt I couldn’t justify the processing power for the price right now. I’m not going to be doing anything rigorous on it right now. I’m just planning to use it for run of the mill internet and photo work. It’s remarkably faster than the Mini, which is not surprising. It’s a G5 vs. G4 processor, plus the bus is at 600mhz rather than 147 or so. I also bumped the memory up an additional 1GB, so it’s not starving at 256MB.

The short of it is, I love it. It’s like having the media functionality I had with windows (actually, it’s better) plus the command line an unix goodness I’m used to on my linux boxes.

—Feb 21, 2005