What a great birthday

OK, so now that I’ve grumbled about turning 30, let me share about some of the great stuff.

First, Crista helped throw together a surprise party for dinner. She picked me up around 9:30 and drove me out to the TGIF by her house. I had no idea until we were practically at the table loaded up with my friends. It was amazing, I almost cried. This is no exaggeration. OK I think I did let a tear escape, so perhaps I should rethink the “almost”. Even my old friend Shane was there. Crista had never even met him previously, so I was especially surprised.

I also am the new owner of an iTrip for my iPod. Now what could I possibly want with one since I already have an inline fm modulator in my car, you ask? OK, you didn’t really ask that, but humor me. Well, I’ve had this itch for a long time that I want a shower radio. But I don’t really want to listen to the radio. I can’t exactly bring my iPod in the shower either. So, now I can get a shower radio, and leave the iPod nearby transmitting on FM. I’m so excited, now I just need to find a radio. I think just about any Target/Circuit City/whatever store has them for about $10, so no sweat. I just wish I had one for tomorrow morning!

So the short of it: 30 wasn’t all bad.

—Feb 02, 2005