That voice! The spinning!

Last night I had a bit of a new, good experience. My girlfriend is performing in a 3 month run of Brigadoon at the local dinner theater, and I went to see opening night. It was funny that in preparing to go, I felt extrememly nervous. It was like I was giving a speech in front of a class, and had all the associated butterflies. But as soon as she came out on stage the first time, those all went away. It’s a pretty interesting experience to see your girlfriend in about 3 layers of skirts and wearing hair extensions (I think it’s actually called a fall).

A surprising element to me is that I even enjoyed the show more than I anticipated. We’d watched the movie together, and both agreed it was pretty weak. But I must admit, I remember smiling and laughing through the evening moreso than any night in recent memory. I’m also glad I finally got to visit the place, it’s something I’ve driven past for as long as I can remember (maybe 20 years?) but never been into.

And best of all, I got to see my girlfriend sing in front of a few hundred people. Unbelievably cool.

—Jan 07, 2005