I’ve been wanting a hard drive based MP3 player for a while now. I own about 20GB of music, so a 512MB flash player doesn’t cut it anymore. So I broke down and got a 40GB iPod. All I can say is that in less than a day, it has surpassed my expectations. I have used at least 3 different portable mp3 players in my life, and the iPod is better than all of them just by virtue of its user interface. I’d read all the articles saying that’s really what sells it, but I had no idea. I mean, the click-wheel is essentially a touch pad for scrolling! I’d done my research and didn’t even know that. And it works great!

So far this morning I’ve been listening to recent podcasts from Radio Brendoman and Engadget. I’m even hatching a plan to order a RadioShark so I can record some NPR shows.

And beyond that, I had a stunning realization about the benefit of having all your music with you. I was telling my girlfriend last night that it means, never being with someone and telling them “Oh, I gotta play that song for your sometime”. Unless of course the battery is dead.

So, welcome me to 2002.

—Oct 22, 2004