When awkward is fun

So the other night my girlfriend and I went out and had a real fun time, played some miniature golf. Afterwards, we stopped into the arcade to burn some tokens. Like most sizable game rooms these days, they featured a couple DDR systems. I’m horribly uncoordinated with my feet outside of anything other than running and jumping, but I gave it a go. In fact, we gave the machine three goes. And you know what? It was tons of fun. At the same time, it made me feel awkward, but I barely cared. I’m always concerned about my appearance around other people, and it just kills me trying to understand how others are thinking of me. That’s what makes things like that such a fun experience for me (haha, quiet to those of you saying “Brendon, live a little”).

Now for the really funny part: I’ve got a new DDR pad in my bedroom.

—Sep 14, 2004