A potential return?

That’s right kiddos, a paintball post. After a 3 month or so hiatus, I’m considering playing again this Saturday. I’ll want something active to go do during the day to keep myself occupied. I have so many questions though, such as:

  • Exactly how rusty and out-of-shape will I be?
  • How long will it take to re-adapt to the pain factor?
  • Will my guns even work without a ton of tlc, having not cycled for so long?
  • Will I be able to endure the 100 degree heat?
  • Is the addiction really vanquished, and can I do it and have a great time without shutting out my non-pb friends?
  • How many games till I seriously injure myself on the dirt?
  • Will any of my old friends be there? (probably not)

Stay tuned…

Update: Too hot for my tastes this weekend. Don’t want to consider playing for the first time in months in 96 degree heat.

—Sep 07, 2004