100 more things

I decided it was time to make another 100 things list. This one I’m sure will be much tougher, especially as I’ve been in a much more reflective mood lately. Plus, I’m putting a little effort into avoiding collisions with the previous list.

So here goes.

  1. I’m a very insecure person.
  2. I like to think I’m sensitive, but in reality have a difficult time sharing my feelings.
  3. I feel more attractive than the last time I made a list.
  4. When I follow someone to work that’s in business clothes and on a cell phone, I always compare myself to the person and feel radically different than them. I can’t see myself turning out that way.
  5. I’m a child at heart.
  6. I need to lighten up (funny in light of the previous item).
  7. I often buy things to try and make myself happy.
  8. It’s easy for me to get addicted to a sport or hobby. Usually it lasts around 2 years.
  9. I’ve had one hangover in my life. Don’t worry too much, it was well after I was 21. My mom is going to kill me when she reads this, btw. It was good in that it reminded me why I don’t drink, but still a mistake.
  10. I prefer cute women to “Barbie doll” women.
  11. I’ve started watching too much television again. I’d quit at least one week during “TV Turnoff Week”.
  12. Sometimes immediately after I go home from hanging out with a big group of friends I get really lonely.
  13. One of my goals for the next year is to learn to interact with groups better.
  14. I voted for Bush but feel he let me down badly.
  15. My least favorite of the more popular American sports is baseball.
  16. Someday I’d like to play doubles badminton.
  17. I’m capable of picking the average lock.
  18. I’m fairly passive. For example, if I was in a sandwhich shop and was given the wrong meal, I’d probably eat it and smile.
  19. Currently I do almost all my grocery shopping at Vons. I am a slave to convienience.
  20. I don’t balance my checkbook. I’m a financial moron for the most part. That doesn’t mean I’m an easy con.
  21. I’m scared and distrustful of dentists.
  22. When I was in Jr. High, I wanted to pierce my nose and ear and string a chain in between. Thanks go to a guitarist from Skid Row over that.
  23. I wish I had listened more intently to Dr. Thurber and Dr. Woo when I attended BIOLA. Especially Dr. Thurber.
  24. One of my most cherished early childhood memories is when my dad took me with him to the school he worked at. I think it was a Jr. High or High school. He let me run the track with the students in PE, I beat them and got an honorary ribbon in the mail a few weeks later.
  25. I used to enjoy fishing a lot, but now think I’d feel awkward having to bash a fish over the head.
  26. I think my grandfather John is probably the smartest guy in my whole family.
  27. Once in elementary school, I mistakening referred to my grandfather, who has a background in pharmaceuticals, as a “drug dealer”.
  28. While watching the movie Airplane with my family, I embarassingly questioned outloud if the inflatible auto-pilot was what a “real autopilot looked like”.
  29. I wish I took more digital photos. Not so much good pictures, mind you, but good memories.
  30. I have very few moments photographically archived.
  31. Back in my submission grappling days (ya, I know) I had a lower body fat percentage but weighed 15 pounds more.
  32. I have a bad habit of wearing the same pair of pants for too long in a given week. Guess I should buy more pants.
  33. I’d like to think I really do prefer substance over style.
  34. When I spend time near a woman, I ask them “What are you thinking” as much as the stereotype of women (not men) suggests is typical.
  35. In college, my roommate Kenny and I (sorry for the implication, bud) used to enjoy running around the college computer lab with earbud walki-talkies and being quite the hackers (or maybe I should say crackers).
  36. At work, I use the console based email client called Mutt instead of one with a graphical user interface. For the non-techies out there, that’s sort of like using the cmd prompt in windows instead of the file manager.
  37. I have a serious contempt for shallow people, but sometimes fear I play the role quite well myself as a defense mechanism.
  38. I’ve driven three of my own cars so far. First I had a red, used VW fox. Then I leased a white honda civic, then I bought the green civic I drive now.
  39. I usually think with a far more “know your enemy” mentality than the typical person.
  40. Foriegn films are enjoyable. Those of you who can’t deal with subtitles are missing out, in my opinion.
  41. On one morning ride to school in 10th grade, my foot slipped off my bike pedal into the front tire. I flipped head first, knocked out my two front teeth, and aced the side of my face.
  42. I find I struggle to find the words when it matters most.
  43. American flags in church make me feel uncomfortable.
  44. The most unique place I’ve ever played guitar was on a rickety train in Morocco. It was appreciated at first but then started irritating the older passengers on the train so I stopped.
  45. I often wish I had greater confidence in discussing differing viewpoints of morality, ethics and faith.
  46. I wish i knew how to work on cars as well as my dad.
  47. I’m a total guy: when I see something sweet in a movie that I internally appreciate, I often still externally mock it to assert my “manliness”.
  48. Last time I wrote a 100 things list, I hadn’t been on a date for about 2.5 years. Shorlty after I went on a blind date with somebody I’d met on the internet. It was so not-like my personality, but I did it for practice.
  49. I dislike when people act like their “professional” job makes them better than other people. Yet, I’m sometimes guilty of it myself.
  50. Today I paid $1 into a office lottery pool, if I remember correctly, for the first time in my life.
  51. My room is usually cleaner now compared to when I last made a list.
  52. Even though I sometimes crave attention, I really hate being at the center of it.
  53. I maintain a highly defensive behavior pattern, but would like to work toward breaking the cycle of it.
  54. I have never owned a Mac. The closest I got was at BIOLA when Kenny’s sister let us borrow hers for a semester.
  55. I’ve skipped the weddings of many friends because I was bitter.
  56. I’ve recently been reminded of the value of old friends. People I thought my closeness to was gone for ever are back like never before.
  57. I can probably out talk many women. Shocking!
  58. I tease people too much.
  59. Sometimes when I’m on an elevator, I wish I was more friendly and talkative. Even if it’s just two floors. Even if it’s just a genuine “Hello”.
  60. Occassionally I have to mentally flog myself for wasting time sitting through a totally stupid film on Comedy Central or SciFi (oh my gosh, I watched Corky Romano this weekend!?!)
  61. Outside of an office, I’ve always felt I relate better to younger people. There’s probably good reason, I didn’t really hang out with people much until I graduate high school, and at that point most my friends I’d made from church were younger.
  62. I love watching John Stewart on The Daily Show
  63. I used to be repulsed by the idea of watching South Park but recently saw quite a few episodes and thought it was really funny. It was one of those things i felt guilty at laughing at, though.
  64. I think Stephen Colbert of The Daily Show is one of the most underestimated funny men on the planet. I’d watch an episode of Strangers With Candy just to see him string together his signature multiple double negatives (I don’t even know what to call that).
  65. The more I type, the more troubled I become with my poor grammar.
  66. My favorite teacher up through High School was my first semester Chemistry instructor, Scott Feir (not sure that’s spelled right). He made me want to go to class more than any other teacher.
  67. I love bad puns as jokes.
  68. I am tickled by redundant phrases like “most favorite”.
  69. I’ve always wondered if you can’t feed Gremlins after midnight, when is it ok to start feeding them again?
  70. One of my biggest pet peeves in hanging out with a large group of people is when you go to out to eat, and people feel compelled to push together the smaller tables to make a bigger table. As if there’s some automatic assumption it’s acceptable to rearrange the facility without asking permission.
  71. I hate playing first person shooting games without being able to use a mouse.
  72. StarCraft is probably my favorite real time strategy game. I loved Total Annihilation but all my friends hated it.
  73. I’m proud of my brother’s artistic abilities.
  74. Often if I make an extended point (more than 1 minute, even) in front of a group of people, the muscles in my jaw start to tighten due to anxiety.
  75. I don’t own enough new shoes.
  76. I hate roller coasters.
  77. I have never been on Space Mountain at Disneyland.
  78. In parking lots, I almost exclusively park my turning one direction. I think it’s left but can’t remember unless I’m in my car.
  79. I’m not sure who my best friend is.
  80. I prefer individual or smaller team sports to big team sports.
  81. In Jr. High, my PE class loathed me because I loved to run the track. Our coach, Mr. Robbins used to ask me if we should run the track or not, and I’d always say “Yes”.
  82. I don’t like poker. And there is way too much of it on TV
  83. I can’t resist playing a smartalek word joke with people when they over use the famous “f” word as an adjective. “Dude, do you play that [sic] game?…No, but I play that game.”
  84. The state I’ve spent the most time in, outside of California, is Colorado.
  85. I utilize the comma too much when I write.
  86. I’m exponentially more frightened to be vulnerable around more than one person than i am of a single person. Not sure how unique that is.
  87. Spiders scare me more than any other insect.
  88. The most consistent “fear of school” dreams I had never involved embarassing public speaking. They usually involved losing my class schedule and being totally clueless as to where to go.
  89. In elementary school I actually played D&D.
  90. The element of the Old Testament I have the most difficulty with is the flood.
  91. Often because I don’t feel vocal enough regarding my opinions, positions, and beliefs, I feel like a fraud.
  92. Sometimes I think I overextend my welcome in IM conversations with people.
  93. I can juggle, but really only three bags/balls at a time. I never learned clubs well.
  94. I greatly admire a man who strives to put family in front of his work.
  95. The worst food poisoning I’ve ever had in my life was when I was travelling in Morocco. I couldn’t even keep bottled water down. My travelling friend Steve with me had the bug simultaneously.
  96. The derrogatory title for women that starts with ‘b’ is one of the words I hate the most.
  97. After the big Northridge earthquakes, I called in sick to work.
  98. I blush easy.
  99. Sometimes I get embarassed to tell people what I’m eating, so I tell them I haven’t eaten yet (a lie!)
  100. The first girl I ever had a crush on was named Dawn. I even remember her last name but won’t put it here. We played handball in elementary school together.

—Aug 25, 2004