The question that should haunt Orrin Hatch

Orrin Hatch is still pushing the much talked about INDUCE act. If I could have it my way, everywhere Sen. Hatch would go, he would face the following loaded question:

“Sen. Hatch, on June 18 of 2003, Wired news ”,1412,59298,00.html">quoted you as saying ’There’s no excuse for anyone violating copyright laws’. The following day, it was discovered that your official website made infringing use of a Javascript menu system developed by Milonic Solutions. What jail time has been served or fines have been paid as a result of this inexcusable behavior?"

Wouldn’t it be dandy if he got asked this question on a routine basis in front of mainstream reporters? Call it petty, but I think it highlights one of the failings of the extreme proponents of “intellectual property”. That being, the false notion that copyright law is always easy to make determinations on. I’d wager Sen. Hatch’s webmaster would agree.

—Jul 23, 2004