You gotta love ABC

Remember from a week or so ago, when ABC Primetime President Stephen McPherson accused Fox networks of taking on the role of programming imitator, saying “They will steal it, plain and simple”?

I just saw an ad for the upcoming ABC reality series titled “The Benefactor”. Immediately, I thought it seemed an awful lot like the NBC show “The Apprentice”. Checking the ABC official write up of the show, you can find the following :
bq. What would you do for a million dollars? Billionaire businessman and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is about to find out because he is “The Benefactor,” and he’s set to give away a million bucks to a complete stranger.
Nice. Billionaire businessman. Nope, it’s not an apprentice clone. Entertainment critics from sources like The Denver Post and USA Today have not dubbed the show an apprentice clone.

These network folk truly must not see how thinly veiled their hypocrisy is.

—Jul 21, 2004