Comments are now whitelisted

I’ve turned on the requirement for name and email address in order to post a comment. I’m using the email address list as a whitelist for comments moderation. If you post for the first time with a given email address, the comment may not appear immediately. I set a requirement to moderate comments by new posters. However, any comment from a poster I have already moderated to “approved” will make it past the moderation check.

Email addresses are never posted on the site, nor do I ever intend to use them an any spammy fashion. In case you didn’t know, one of my jobs at work is to bust spammers, so I’m not going to do anything fishy. If you are ultra protective of your address, I’d recommend a disposable system like sneakemail or spamgourmet. Lastly, you can lie, I won’t care. Just remember to use an address you don’t think will ever be used, and remember the address you provided.

—Jul 20, 2004