Hi Mom!

I’ve joined the ranks of people who’s moms have found their site. Well, perhaps found isn’t the best term. It was more like, I showed my site to my dad as an example of what I’d set up for him, and, you get the idea.

So not only was the site identified, but read in depth. Every single comment even. Obviously, this leads to some mild discomfort, but it’s far less traumatic than I’d expect. Of course, any mention of the fairer sex was referred back to me multiple times, with questions like “so what are you going to do about that?”

On the other hand, some aspects were quite cool. For starters, hearing your mom say she likes your site is great! It was a neat experience discussing the identities of some of the commenters. “Which ”http://biolachris.blogspot.com">Chris is that?"…I explained. Then it got more interesting. “Who’s ”http://www.brendoman.com">Brendoman?" So I explained, he’s a guy that went to Biola that I never really met there, but ran across his site after we’d both left the school. She asked me some questions about his plan to visit China. “Who’s ”http://danny.brendoman.com">Danny?" Danny is a friend of Brendoman, I ran across his site and found we had some similiar interests. What was interesting about this was it was a chance to explain a newer social model to someone who was unfamiliar with it. And beyond that, my posting was behaviour she found quite atypical for me, as I’m very private. So while I’m doing something lots of other are engaged in, at the same time I was reminded it’s something unusual for me.

Now I just have to convince myself not to censor posts any more than previously.

—Jul 10, 2004