100 things

The NuclearMoose inspired me to write a 100 items list about myself. Some sure to be trivial, some not. He was pressured by WordPress guru Carthik to do so.

So, without further ado, 100 things:

  1. My screenname/emailaddress/whatever is ‘xternal’ and was derived back in the 80s while I was staring at an external modem.
  2. My sophomore year of college, I died by brown hair black. Thought it would wash out, it didn’t.
  3. I am fairly shy.
  4. At 5’8" I may be (almost) short, but I’m the tallest in my immediate family.
  5. I very much enjoy tournament paintball, but am burned out at playing it.
  6. During my childhood, I played piano for about 5 years.
  7. I’ve played guitar for about 16 years. I prefer electric.
  8. I also can play clawhammer banjo.
  9. I mispronounced “measure” until high school.
  10. In academic studies, I prefered science & technology, as well as music. Chemistry was the bomb, literally.
  11. Though I got my license earlier, I didn’t really start driving until senior year of high school.
  12. As pets, I’ve had dogs, fish, mice, but never cats.
  13. I have one sibling, a younger brother.
  14. I prefer linux and bsd over Microsoft products
  15. I used to paint my nails, long before it was ok (or somewhat ok) for guys to do.
  16. I hate 99% of TV sitcoms.
  17. I am a Christian, but struggle with my faith.
  18. I try not to drink too much soda, but am a coffee fiend.
  19. Chocolate and ice cream bring me to my knees
  20. I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.
  21. Movies make me cry easily, but only in private
  22. I’ve smoked a cigar and a hooka before, but never illegal drugs.
  23. I prefer the city to the country.
  24. I have a back as well as shoulder injury.
  25. I am not a vegetarian, but often eat like one. Lots of soymilk and tofu.
  26. My favorite quick meal is tofu stir fry with vegetables, noodles, and way too much kung pao sauce.
  27. I like seafood, and will eat fish.
  28. It takes me years to get over a girl.
  29. I will listen to almost any kind of music that has prominent guitar work in it, as long as it’s not radio friendly country.
  30. I hate spam but love killing it. Part of my job involves filtering mail and stopping spammers.
  31. I’m considered anti-social. I rarely go out.
  32. I prefer to drive a car rather than ride as a passenger.
  33. I have difficultly leaving things behind. I’d probably have to be laid off to ever quit a job.
  34. I think emo and hardcore girls are hot, even though I’m pretty plain.
  35. I consider myself fairly immature, and extremely relationally immature
  36. I’m very seriously afraid to fly in planes.
  37. I am thin skinned, very sensitive.
  38. My descent is primarily German and Irish
  39. I enjoy cooking and preparing a nice meal, but never do anymore.
  40. I can only remember ditching school once. It was in 4th grade, I got busted and had 1 day of detention in the library.
  41. My body is very inflexible.
  42. I was a total pyro as a child.
  43. Once I accidentally maced my mom.
  44. I’ve gotten lost on a street that was a loop.
  45. I consider myself as having too few friends.
  46. I’m a horrible traveller, but have been as far as Spain, Amsterdam, and Morocco.
  47. I have a weak stomach, though, it’s grown stronger with age.
  48. Strange and new places make me very anxious.
  49. I’m real good at ignoring people.
  50. Briefs.
  51. My favorite colors are black and blue.
  52. Brian Regan is my favorite comedian.
  53. I enjoy programming, mostly in perl. I’ve also used python, java, and C.
  54. I consider myself to lead a boring life.
  55. Older women intimidate me.
  56. I have never been to, nor to I plan to ever go to, a strip club.
  57. I am pretty messy. My room and house are rarely presentable.
  58. I prefer Palm devices over PocketPC.
  59. I have many mp3s, though few (none, maybe?) are illegal.
  60. I’m good at slacking and procrastinating.
  61. I don’t like eating out, but do it a lot when I’m lazy.
  62. My most obtainable dream car is the Mazda Miata.
  63. I prefer dramas, followed by smart (not juvinile) comedies.
  64. I do my best not to swear. Work wears me down sometimes, though.
  65. I am in contstant fear of rejection.
  66. I am very vocal around people I know well, but extremely tight lipped around strangers.
  67. I once had to rely on my younger brother as a Calculus tutor.
  68. I prefer driving stick over automatic.
  69. I tend to quickly develop crushes on women, and do nothing about them.
  70. I loathe the RIAA
  71. Last time I went on a date was about 2.5 years ago.
  72. I don’t consider myself very patriotic, and often fear being taken as jingoistic.
  73. My favorite dog’s name was Cleo.
  74. My current car of choice is a honda civic, gotta love the mileage.
  75. My next car will have ABS.
  76. I am not a big Star Wars fan.
  77. Short hair is sexy.
  78. I go to the movies about three times a year.
  79. One of my biggest social pet peeves is when groups of friends get together, only to argue about what to do. Either do something, or don’t argue, just watch TV and shut up.
  80. It greatly disturbs me when people rely on urban myths in trying to teach on some point.
  81. When it comes to hanging out, I’d much rather go sit and do nothing but talk over coffee with a small group of friends, than go and try to find something entertaining.
  82. I have serious doubts I’ll ever marry, even though I want to.
  83. I own a mandolin, but can barely play it.
  84. I did well in school, but never cared to try very hard.
  85. I get jealous easily.
  86. I can be fairly intuitive for an anti-social, shy guy.
  87. I can read full email headers.
  88. Charcoal beats gas.
  89. Alcohol rarely pases my lips (not including NyQuil).
  90. I have an avoidant personality.
  91. I’ve kissed two women my entire life.
  92. I believe that no one lives in Delaware that’s not in the CIA. Have you ever met someone from Delaware?
  93. My mother thinks I’m “too thin”, whereas I want to loose about 5 pounds (only if it’s fat, though).
  94. During a childhood trip to Hawaii, I accidently dragged my fully clothed brother off a wall into the ocean with me.
  95. Steve Vai is my favorite guitarist.
  96. Eric Johnson makes me want to saw off my left hand.
  97. I never went to band camp.
  98. I am a techno-elitist.
  99. Whiskey is the best.
  100. I can count to 100

—Jun 23, 2004