I think it's time to upgrade

Over time, I’ve managed to completely hose my linux box at work. There were two, really really bad things I’ve done in the past 6 months. First, I broke my rpm database beyond repair. Then, I broke some of the perl libraries. I’ve been trying to install BloGTK, but that’s a no go because I can’t get the new pygtk binding working. So, I figured I’d do a remote connection to a windows box at work to use w.bloggar. Since I have w2k and not XP, I can’t use the excellent and fast rdesktop client, which I already have working. So I decided to give a run at a VNC client to setup like Danny does. I just spent 30 minutes compiling X libraries, and finally broke down on an error in libXaw that I’m not going to make it past.

So, I guess I’ll have to resort to either not spell checking my posts and using a browser, pasting, or turning and using my beatup NT box at work. Argh.

Now if I could just find a free 10GB drive around here. I’m not kidding, all drives at work are scarce.

—May 27, 2004