As in, “Yet another Double Standard”.

Call me lonely and bitter if you like, you’re probably right. But somewhat recently I’ve made an observation in scanning various social networking sites. I refer to them as SNS, because saying I’m scanning singles sites makes me feel like a loser. Go figure.

But here’s the deal. Typically, women are asking guys be significantly taller than them (it would seem at least 3 inches) and quite often 5’10" or taller. This is, it would seem, socially acceptable given the frequency it occurs. I will admit, too, I’d feel some discomfort dating a woman remarkably taller than me.

Let’s flip this around though. Say that the guys on such sites started a trend of posting that into their “About my match” type sections, things like “must be a C cup”. Now, it’s true many of these guys are thinking this, but NOBODY is saying it. And if they were saying it, all hell would break lose on the the systems. I guarantee it.

I’m not saying I plan to start thinking this way or think it justified. Just seems to me a common behavior that manages to stay under the radar. Now don’t I just sound pretentious?

Oh, and there’s a SocialSoftwareBlog that supports some of my non-scientific analysis.

—May 26, 2004