What a way to start the day

In front of our office building there is a fountain. That fountain attracts a family of ducks. Most people love the ducks, they aren’t annoying and don’t get in anybodies way. Yearly, the ducks enter an especially cute stage as they give birth to ducklings. It’s something of an event watching the little things trot around in a line.

So today, I’m walking up to the building and see a group of people gawking at something I can’t yet see from my vantage point. I knew right away though, only something involving the ducks could bring that response. They didn’t look happy either. Finally, I could see one duck dead near the window. It looked like some blood was coming from it’s head, I assume it bashed in while flying out of some panic.

Not a fun way to start your work week.

—May 24, 2004