Water dressed in brown

So we got this marvelous new coffee machine for our cubicle area at work about a month back. OK, perhaps marvelous is an overstatment since the coffee it uses is average at best. However, it’s so, so easy to make a quick cup. This turned into at least a once a day habit. Hey, at least it’s cheaper than starbucks (works out to about $.25 a pop).

This leads of course, to a problem. No, the geeks NEVER get addicted to caffeine, do they? OK, we do. I’ve been pondering this week if my state of spaciness is more due to lack of sleep, or perhaps a growing dependence on our favorite stimulant. The drive home tonight will require an extra effort to focus, so if you see me heading your way…get out of it.

Looks like it might be time for easing off with some decaf.

—Apr 06, 2004