10 signs your weekend is off to a bad start

Otherwise known as “it’s about 2 AM and you are….”

1) On your second cup of a caffeinated herbal tea
2) Reading a Bed Bath and Beyond mailer
3) Listening to some really bad show like SG1 on the TV. And pausing it with your TiVo even…what gives
4) Realizing there are no less than four empty snack/yogurt/applesauce containers on your desk.
5) Making mental comparisons of the acting “skills” of McGuyver and Kevin Sorbo.
6) Comparing your job dissatisfaction with the “Best Of” rants on craigslist
7) You’re still awake for no good reason
8) Wondering if the rain (err…drizzle?) can be used as justification to be lazy for the weekend
9) Contemplating if the pain in your stomach is from too much beverage
10) You want to be a pirate
11) You go to 11 instead of 10

—Apr 03, 2004