These ol' bones

When I was in high school, I used to have this odd dream where I was running on sand, and just spinning wheels. The most vivid memory is feeling so, so slow.

I started running again this week. I always “start running again”. The problem is, the older I get, the more it feels like running on sand. “No duh”, you say. Yet, even though I feel slow and out of shape, I pause to think that it still does me good. The realization hit me, I can’t seem to take two days of paintball in a row now. I also haven’t been running. Back when 2 days in a row were no trouble, I was running all week. Makes sense to me (ok, so I was playing back and moving less on the field, but let’s not focus on that).

I’m hopeful that starting up the exercise again, in conjuntion with the end of the grocery strike (stores open later + better food = better eating) lead to a road for better health. I’m needing it more and more.

—Mar 07, 2004