The joy of chromatics

So I’ve been playing guitar more recently. Even have a new one in the mail. Now, you may ask, what my number one goal of the moment is? How about to be able to play really, really fast. 80’s guitar legend fast. Seems like an odd want, as it’s an irrelevant skill these days. But still it’s my goal.

Unfortunately, to reach such levels is not much fun. It typically involves pointless, sometimes atonal, chromatic exercises to get all your fingers in shape. Yes, that includes the pinky (my pet peeve, 3 fingered guitarists!).

Now I’m back to the chromatic exercises, and it’s no fun. But it is productive. Even after just a couple hours tonight, I felt like my fingers were more in control of their individual purposes. Still, it’s an odd sensation playing a progression and only being able to play it at about 1/3 of my max speed. It’s definitely revealing of weaknesses. And wow, my hand hasn’t burned this much in ages.

So here is to hoping to stick to it.

—Mar 05, 2004