Next on FOX...when good shows go bad

24 used to be a good show. Yes, “used to be”. First season was cool, second wasn’t bad. The third, well, it’s dreck.

I’m convinced that the technical jargon on the show is obtained by drawing slips of paper from a hat. It’s so awful. I expect at any moment, them to reference a “garbage file”. Chloe trying to chase down the worm last night like it was water flowing through drainage pipes was just too much. Open the gateway, I know, it will get the kernel…we have no choice. Argh, painful.

Even worse, the tension is created so artificially. Ack, a baby in CTU! Oh, and maybe it belongs to a main character! Oh no!

Did I mention that president Palmer is surrounded by idiots? The plot constantly has him behaving in ways contrary to his characterization as a smart man. Dumb, dumb, dumb

I’ll finish the season out, but I really hope there’s no season 4. Then I’d have to choose not to watch.

—Feb 11, 2004