Let the wind blow

It’s been very windy lately. The funny thing is, the weather.com icons for current local weather don’t read “windy”. Trust me, they should. Last night, as near as I can figure, we had multiple wind related blackouts. I counted 5 times the power shut off. Must be blown transformers?

I like the wind though, yet I’m not entirely sure why. It’s horrible for contacts. It messes up your hair (oh, the vanity). It makes driving precarious. On the other hand, it tends to blow our horrible smog somewhere else. Never is the sky in SoCal so good as after it’s windy. Well, maybe if it rained. But when it rains, the day after the ground is annoying. And the sound, why is it appealing? Not sure, it just is.

Oh, and static electricity is always fun. So here’s to wind but fewer blackouts.

—Feb 10, 2004