We don't need no stinkin' badgers

Apparently somewhere near my house they’re doing construction this morning. I can’t tell what. I keep hearing the “beep beep beep” of trucks backing up. Plus, there’s the occassional shreak of a power tool. Waking up to the sound of said tool, my initial reaction was “is somebody torturing a badger?”

Now, a real tortured badger would probably sound much more shrill. But hey, that’s what I thought.

So here I find myself awake and typing far earlier than I should be. I know, the world says “Boo hoo, you woke up before 7”. No, seriously, it’s traumatic for me. It always makes me feel sick to my stomach, literally. Every time I have to wake up earlier to make a tournament, I feel this way. Not from anxiety. It’s odd, I wonder what the reasoning behind it is. And go figure, the earlier I wake up, the hungrier I am.

Perhaps google can satisfy my curiosity.

—Feb 06, 2004