age + 1

I officially turned 29 today. But, my new stage age is 27. Ya, you heard me right.

Here’s the steps I’ve taken to celebrate. Last night, had dinner with the family. My mother made us fish tacos and a fantastic vanilla straberry tort. It was especially nice of her to throw together a green salsa for the tacos, since she loathes cilantro! She even ate it.

Tonight, Chris, Justin, Melanie, Todd, and Ashley took me to dinner over at the Marketplace. We ate at SensAsian, which I’ve been meaning to try. Yes, this might sound contrary to my coworkers who have continually tried to drag me there. It was much appreciated.

And now I sit, with an overly large serving of ice cream in front of me. I have to enjoy it now, because by the time I’m 30…errr…28…it might be time to cut back.

—Feb 01, 2004